Bona Coffee Roasters is an independent and family owned roastery founded by Andre Di Bonaventura in 2017 in Boulder, CO that strives to deliver on the family name, meaning “good fortune.” You see, we believe good fortune in life starts with great coffee. And we’re hellbent on producing the greatest coffee the world has ever tasted to bring together communities, share cultures, start conversations, and spread good fortune across this beautiful, awesome Earth of ours.

It all starts with the best beans. We source the finest green coffee directly from honest, passionate, and super nice growers all around the world, who harvest at the precise seasonal moment for peak freshness and maximum flavor. These close relationships help us provide stability to our partners, understand the biodiversity in their lands, and keep a sharp eye on the entire process from seed to cup to ensure consistent high-quality deliciousness.

Before our coffee even sees a cup, it gets a warm hug from our state-of-the-art roastery. We use the most innovative and sustainable technology available to highlight the coffee’s unique characteristics and develop a bold aroma and a balanced taste. Our team works tirelessly to craft dynamic and distinct roast profiles and blends that will knock your socks off.

By now, all this coffee talk must have you begging for a cup. Or a few. So quit stalling and get sipping. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s the beginning of your day or the end of it, good fortune starts right here.


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