11/07/2022 - Bona Coffee

Every Meaningful Detail: The Art that Makes Bona

It’s a farmer returning home after a day working on the coffee fields and the diversity of Brazilian people; the mix of cultures, religions, generations, and races.

It’s a hummingbird you watch from the porch of your grandparents’ house; the memory of flying kites in Brazil. These stories are the foundation and inspiration of Bona, and we want to share them with you. You’ll find these scenes on every bag of coffee and our signature yellow cups; created using a method called wood-cut printmaking by artist Gabriel Hardt. Collect all three pieces from your favorite bag of coffee (start a subscription to have it delivered right to your home)!

The Bird” – The hummingbird is one of the most popular birds in Brazil. It is often seen around houses while sitting on a porch. Andre, our Founder, was fascinated with the quick motion of the bird while spending time at his grandparent’s farmhouse. 

The Farmer”- Inspired by the Portuguese word, “A Volta” meaning “the return” shows a scene of the farmer returning home after a day working on the coffee fields.

The Farmer” is available on one of our t-shirts in our online shop and local cafe in Boulder, Colorado.

The Crowd” – It shows the diversity of the Brazilian people including the mix of cultures, religions, generations and races.

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