10/21/2022 - Bona Coffee

Direct Trade: Our Relationship Coffees

Bob-O-Link, Brazil
Bob-O-Dark, Brazil
Women From Caparao, Brazil
Whiskey Aged Coffee, Brazil
El Cimarron, Guatemala

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Finca La Maria
Finca La Orquidea

Our mission is simple; create a coffee experience that is intentional in every detail. Whether it is a taste at our cafe or the art on our packaging, we have thought about every detail. At the heart of this effort are our Relationship Coffees. These are the coffees that we know on a personal level; we’ve been to the farms, met the farmers, and had our hands on the coffee at every stage of growth. We are so proud of the coffees that are products of these fruitful relationships.


Women From Caparao

A medium-light roast coffee with tasting notes of floral, sugarcane, and toffee. This special bag is produced by women of the Vargem Grande Highlands of Alto Jequitibá, Caparaó, Minas Gerais. The farms are located on the hills at the edge of the Caparaó National Park.

A few words from one of the producers, DIANA DOROTEIA SODRÊ SILVESTRE

“In 2014 God blessed me with my husband Jaimiro and we began to work together. This year after a visit from FafCoffees that my Aunt Josimar, known as Lalá, brought here, we realized the need to offer a new coffee with quality and with a focus on the importance of production without degrading the environment around us. We researched the subject and since then we have been seeking quality and sustainability every day.

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