05/05/2020 - Bona Coffee

Coffee Brewing Tips

No matter the method that you brew your coffee at home, there’s always a few tips to make it tastes as a barista’s cup of coffee.

What do I have to have?

– Fresh coffee

– Hot filtered water (195°F – 205°F)

– Scale

Let’s start with pour overs (Hario, Kalita, Chemex (picture), Automatic Pour Over Machine, etc), first thing is do a simple math to know how much coffee for how much water. The ratio* that we suggest is 1:15 so for 1 gram of coffee you use 15 grams of water.

If you use a paper filter, pour hot water over it to remove the paper taste and also keep everything warm. After that, if you are doing manually you’ll pour hot water just to cover the coffee bed and wait 30 seconds. Then when it starts to drain down, pour the water slowly. Keep doing it (wait to drain down and pour more water) until complete your desire amount of water.

ps: attention to pour water over the ground coffee not touching the paper filter.

– Scale

If you prefer a french press, you will do with the same ratio 1:15 but remember to grind your coffee coarsely and pour all the water at once aggressively and wait 4 minutes for the infusion. After that you can stir it and close it and wait 2 more minutes and it will be ready!

ps: Serve gently, we don’t press the french press to don’t agitate and over extract our coffee:)

– Scale

If you have an AeroPress, you’ll use the same tips above: pour hot water over the paper filter, use the ratio 1:15, pour a little bit of water for the pre-infusion wait 30 seconds and then pour aggressively all the rest of the water and wait 2 more minutes, stir, close it and press it!

ps: We like to do the AeroPress upside down, like showing on the pictures.

*Use what taste best to you! You can try different ratios to see your favorite ex: 1:14, 1:16, …

– Scale

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